Academic Support

Public Sociology, Community Engagement, Interactive Learning, Digital Liberal Arts, Pedagogy and Technology

I conduct research on teaching and learning with a focus on educational technology and community engagement. I also offer consultation, workshops, and instruction to faculty and students who are interested in improving their teaching, learning, and research.

As Head of Instruction + Research in Scholarship Technology at Occidental College and formerly as a graduate associate at the Teaching Resource Center at the University of Virginia, I have also led several collaborative web-based projects intended to improve access to resources and build communities of practice.

Kane, Emily and Carey Sargent. “Sustaining Undergraduate Engagement with the Discipline and Social Justice: A Comparison of Two Seminars in Public Sociology.” Manuscript in progress. [View Prezi from 2013 Eastern Sociological Society Meetings]

Sargent, Carey and Sarah Corse. 2013. “Picture My Gender(s): Using Interactive Media to Teach Theories of Gender as a Social Construction.” Teaching Sociology 41(3):242-256.

Sargent, Carey. 2012. “The Expanding Classroom: Welcoming New Media Into Sociology CoursesASA Footnotes. May/June.

Sargent, Carey. 2007. “Using Mid-semester Evaluations to Encourage Active Learning. Teaching Concerns (Newsletter of the Teaching Resource Center, University of Virginia). Spring.


Engaged Learning Providing resources to promote student learning for faculty teaching academic community engagement and study abroad courses, with The Teaching Resource Center and Office of University Community Partnerships at the University of Virginia.

Scholarship Technology Knowledge Base Providing information and reviews on digital technologies used for teaching and learning in a liberal arts context through collaboration among Scholarship Technology, the Center for Teaching Excellence, and faculty at Occidental College.

Occidental College Library Website Focusing on access, resources, and use of information resources from Oxy and beyond, with Oxy Web Team, Library Services, and Scholarship Technology at Occidental College.

Public Practices of Sociology is an interactive space intended to advance sociologically-informed research and public action, to further public discussion of sociological issues at local, national, and global levels, and to promote the use of sociology to inform public policy, with the American Sociological Association’s (ASA) Section on Sociological Practice and Public Sociology (SPPS).

Consultation and Workshop Themes
Authority and Meaning in the Age of Info Glut
Classroom Management
Cultivating Visual Literacies
Interactive Learning
Introduction to Data Visualization
Multiculturalism and Diversity
Open Data and Community Based Learning
Teaching, Learning and Undergraduate Research
Program Evaluation
Social Media as Classroom Extension